No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.

A creative project is a moving target. You never end up where you start

Our Mission is to provide full event services to share the difference of experience. Our focus has always been to offer the best equipment to the market by tailoring our offers to meet the individual needs of each customer.”

Our  Vision  is  to  become  a  distinguished  event  management  service provider in the Middle East

With dedicated teamwork and a collective set of jobs required to take any event to the next level, Qatar Marketers is performing in the industry in a submissive and prolific manner, providing our clients with prodigious quality and exceptional experience for their needs.

Qatar Marketers has its name established in the list of top-notch event equipment suppliers, offering hi-tech equipment like LED Screens, Sound Systems, Stage Rig, and complete Event Designing Supplies.

We are committed to executing your event with remarkable success and integrity. We ensure the safety, commitment, quality, and overall experience of the event.

Qatari Marketers Company was established on April 24, 2003 as a limited liability company, and it is one of the Qatari companies approved and classified by the Qatar Tourism and Exhibitions Authority. This led to the merger of a number of individual institutions that were carrying out a number of different service and commercial activities to unite into one entity. It is a Qatari marketers company.
Thus, one company has all the ingredients to achieve the fastest success. And a facility with commercial and economic weight more effective and efficient in the commercial and service fields.

These institutions are distinguished by more than fifteen years of experience in the commercial and service fields, which allowed them to know the requirements of business and customers and how to meet those services in the fastest way. They met with the government and private entities of the company, which resulted in continuity and superiority in all transactions.

In addition to that experience and the future vision of the company, taking into account the requirements of the work based on scientific foundations, innovative studies and scientific and technological theories to move from the theoretical scope to practical application.

Qatar Marketing is a company specialized in the field of exhibitions, conferences and events based in Qatar. We provide event management and event production services by qualified and experienced personnel through sale or rental options for commercial and specialized events. We also design exhibition pavilions according to customers' requirements which are custom pavilions and booths for wedding fairs.

Which aims to implement the service in the best way that the customer desires, and this is what these institutions seek by integrating them under the banner: Qatari marketers. The importance of the merger is shown in that it is a courageous economic and legal tool to restructure the company's sector and enhance its administrative and financial capabilities to play its full role in the field of investment and development.

This is reflected in the concentration of capital and technology, mobilizing human energies with practical and professional experience, directing decisions to achieve better results, and enhancing competition conditions at the internal and external levels through harmony and integration between the merged institutions.

Waste expenditures are also being reduced and units with similar activity and the ability to enter the phase of economic growth, on a stronger basis and broad prospects, not only in the outskirts of Qatar but also to extend to all over the Arab world, God. The desire to achieve a measure of what the youth of Qatar aspire to, their ability to break all the consequences and the power of decision-making.

Qatar marketers were for managing events of all kinds.
Our professional team years of experience handling everything from Corporate Launches to Conferences to Gala dinners, from Birthday Parties to Corporate Events, from Concerts to Award Ceremonies, and from Exhibitions to Road Shows.

Our team ensures that all events are detailed to the specific needs of our customers and that we will provide them with a customized and truly unique experience.