No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.

A creative project is a moving target. You never end up where you start

Our Mission is to provide full event services to share the difference of experience. Our focus has always been to offer the best equipment to the market by tailoring our offers to meet the individual needs of each customer.”

Our  Vision  is  to  become  a  distinguished  event  management  service provider in the Middle East

With dedicated teamwork and a collective set of jobs required to take any event to the next level, Qatar Marketers is performing in the industry in a submissive and prolific manner, providing our clients with prodigious quality and exceptional experience for their needs.

Qatar Marketers has its name established in the list of top-notch event equipment suppliers, offering hi-tech equipment like LED Screens, Sound Systems, Stage Rig, and complete Event Designing Supplies.

We are committed to executing your event with remarkable success and integrity. We ensure the safety, commitment, quality, and overall experience of the event.

معرض الدوحة التجاري 2021

معرض الدوحة التجاري 2020

معرض الدوحة التجاري 2019

بازار التسوق العائلي - كتارا 2022

معرض رمضان للتسوق - كتارا 2022

معرض رمضان للتسوق - كتارا 2022

Doha Trade Fair 2021

معرض شتاء الدوحةالتجاري - 2023 كتارا

معرض رمضان للتسوق

معرض كتارا التجاري الصيفي2023